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Welcome – Article – An introduction to this The Steadfast Trust’s website and how to use it.

Message to the Friends of The Steadfast Trust – Slideshow – A big thank you.

The Steadfast Trust and The Art of Seamanship  – Slideshow on the changes to the Steadfast Trust.

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The Law of the Jungle – Film and commentary

The [Orange]men of England – Text and video

Fire Over Enlgand  – Film and commentary

Seamanship and Emigration Slideshow and text

Trust News In Production:

How To Get Involved With The Legals

What Went Wrong  – Reputation protection policies.

Understanding some of the multiple meaning of the word English – National Identity v Ethnic or National Origin.

The Steadfast Trust English Community Centre In Production:

The Origins of The Steadfast Trust

A Really Great Day Out – Try it and see.